Since first emerging in 2010 with a promising debut for Dark Arx, a series of woozily hypnotic, esoteric productions for 2nd Drop, Delsin and Fourth Wave have marked out Gerry Read as one of the most precocious and unique artists working within the realms of house and techno. Having completed a trilogy of stellar EPs for Ramp Recordings offshoot Fourth Wave last year, the enigmatic, media shy producer has now unveiled the first single to be taken from his forthcoming debut album for the label, ‘Jummy’.

‘Evidence’ showcases Read’s nebulous, deconstructed take on house at its finest and serves as a timely reminder of his ample talents. Building layers of dusty percussion over a brooding atmospheric swell, Read creates a widescreen landscape through which he loops rich piano chords and smooth vocal snippets. In a state of permanent ascension, fleeting moments of clarity rise above the dense textures only to dissipate back into the haze and be lost forever as the track plays out the same way in which it began, demanding to be set on loop.

‘Jummy’ promises to be the culmination of Read’s exploratory work over the last two years and ‘Evidence’ is an exciting opening gambit. This may be all we are getting for now, but here is what the label has to say about the album: “Based in the sleepy market town of Bury St Edmunds in the heart of rural Suffolk, Gerry’s upcoming album ‘Jummy’ paints a colourful collage, sounding akin to a house music Avalanches. ‘Jummy’ chops and cuts layers of samples and loops of his own playing recorded entirely in his bedroom.”

‘Evidence’ is out on 16th September with the album to follow in October.