Worth The Weight - Bristol Dubstep Classics (Punch Drunk)


CD 1
1. Pinch ‘Midnight Oil’
2. Peverelist ‘The Grind’
3. Gatekeeper ‘Tense Past’
4. Peverelist ‘Roll with the Punches’
5. Appleblim ‘Vansan’
6. Pinch ‘Qawwali’
7. Forsaken ‘Hypnotise’
8. Headhunter ‘7th Curse’
9. RSD ‘Pretty Bright Light’
10. Komonazmuk ‘Bad Apple’
11. Appleblim & Peverelist ‘Circling’
12. Pinch ‘Lazarus’
13. Forsaken ft Mr Jo ‘Into the Sunset’

CD 2
1. Smith & Mighty ‘B Line Fi Blo’
2. Dubboy & Atki2 ‘Tiger Flower’
3. Joker ‘Holly Brook Park’
4. Guido ‘Mad Sax’
5. Hyetal & Shortstuff ‘Ice Cream’
6. Pinch ‘Get Up’ (RSD remix)
7. Jakes ‘3kout’
8. Wedge & Shadz ‘Running away’ (Guido remix)
9. Gemmy ‘Bass Transmitter’
10. Guido ‘Orchestral Lab’
11. Dubkasm ‘Hail Jah’ (Jakes remix)
12. Joker ‘Stuck in the System’
13. Hyetal ‘Pixel Rainbow Sequence’

Release Date: Mon 8th Nov

Unfortunately i don’t have as much time as I would like to give this a proper write up, but I wanted to make sure that i brought this release to people’s attention…

‘Worth The Weight’ is an impressively diverse and inclusive homage to the legacy of dubstep’s second city and it’s role in the emergence and evolution of the genre. Not limiting itself to any one defined sound – which is often the downfall of appraisals of Bristol’s music culture – it opens itself up to the wealth of talent and broad spectrum of sounds amalgamated into the city’s unique and tightly-knit scene. Casting the net wider than merely the obvious choices, the CD allows room for both the venerated bastions of the scene and the up-and-coming emergent talent that abounds today. Scene stalwarts like Peverelist, Pinch and RSD feature alongside the second generation of producers like Hyetal and Guido, twisting the 140bpm template into just about every permutation imaginable.

The flawless quality of the tracklist is an irrefutable substantiation of Bristol’s reputation for being at the forefront of the bass music scene. From the the futuristic dub vision of Peverelist’s ‘Roll With The Punches’ to the re-ignited junglist sensibilities of RSD’s seminal ‘Pretty Bright Light’ right through to the electrified grime call-to-arms of ‘Stuck In The System’ by Joker, each track exists in its own unique territory, combining to create a brilliant summary of the city’s startling depth of talent. However, such is the quality of the music on offer here, it would be a disservice to try and single out any tracks as standouts, so i will leave that up to you to decide. Absolutely essential listening.