I guess the first thing to say is sorry for initiating another addition to the already massively over-saturated music blogosphere. I will do my best to refrain from the kind of self-indulgent wankery and pointless laziness that abounds so much on such blogs.

That said, Liminal Sounds aims to delve deeper into the artists and music that interest me and which I feel deserve recognition. The blog will try and provide an insight through both through the opinion and analysis of the audience and the artists. I am aiming to stray away from the standardized mundane content that you see time and time again to try and bring you something new and interesting, which you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

As well as in-depth interviews, reviews and opinion features, there will be a series of mixes from up-and-coming artists who I feel people need to hear. There are already some very exciting things on the way, so I’m looking forward to getting that rolling. I also hope to implement some other interesting projects, but I will keep them under my hat for now.

Liminal Sounds will be focusing on – but not restricted to – bass driven electronic music. The songs that excite me are those which defy categorisation, stepping outside of reductive concepts of scene or genre to create something that is both original and lasting, whether this be rhythmically, sonically, lyrically or compositionally. This blog is all about in-betweens – the music that slips between the cracks.

Bass music has finally reached a point where the speed at which it is evolving and mutating is outstripping that at which it can be dissected and named, and I for one think that this is the most exciting things have been in years. The current state of flux within the electronic music world has opened up the landscape and created a dialogue between scenes that promises great things and so I think it is the perfect time to immerse myself in it. I am looking forward to documenting how it plays out.

Hopefully this will serve as an antidote to the innumerable lazy bloggers out there, providing an insight and critical opinion on the music that I enjoy.

Thanks, and I hope you like reading it.