LS05 Zine

As always it has all been a bit of a panic, but we have just about managed to write, design, illustrate and print the third edition of our zine, which has been dropped off in select shops and cafes in London in the run up to our birthday event tomorrow. The zine features introductions to each of the artists playing, takes a look back at our recent Just Jam takeover and explains a  little bit about ourselves and some of what we have been up to over the past year. We hope that it encourages people to check out the music and, if they like what they hear, maybe even come down to the party. Check the photos below and look out for one of the 100 copies of the zine in a shop near you.

*LS05 goes down tomorrow @ Rhythm Factory with Visionist, Logos, Blackwax, Tim & Barry, Wattville, Richard Aki and Elsewhere. Full details of the event are here, and ltd £3 advance tickets can be bought here.

LS05 zine 2