LV and Josh Idehen - Imminent (Keysound Recordings)

Following the release of their stellar South African-influenced sophomore album ‘Sebenza’ on Hyperdub in 2012, LV are making a return to Blackdown’s Keysound Recordings label for their new single. Working with MC Josh Idehen for the first time since the release of their criminally underrated debut album ‘Routes’, ‘Imminent’ precedes their forthcoming third album, which is due out later this year.

‘Imminent’ is a characteristically powerful production that finds the balance of exuberant energy and skewed grooves that makes LV’s music so consistently exciting. Driven by rattling snares and squirming synths, the instrumental blends a buoyant UK Funky-esque vitality with the fierce sonic framework of grime. Idehen’s characteristically eccentric delivery perfectly compliments the production, belying the dark subject matter while bringing an additional edge.