01.Blind Prophet & nHatgi – Cloudy Day Serenade 02:40
02.Submerse – I’d Rather Have You 05:20
03.Phaeleh – Outshine 05:41
04.Synkro – Distant Feeling 05:46
05.Para – Blow Your Mind 06:00
06.Klaxons – Echoes (Steve Aoki Remix) 06:42
07.VVV – No Longer 04:00
08.Donga & Blake – Resolve 07:12
09.Mock The Zuma – Con Mis Hijos 05:41
10.Kanji Kinetic – Hidden Volume 04:45
11.Rob Sparx – Atari Ninja 04:10
12.Dj Madd – Stranger 05:32
13.Von D – Bonda Love 04:41
14.Resketch – Is This Disco 05:55
15.Djunya – Heartbeats 05:22
16.Rrritalin – Assassinator (Do It Live) 05:44
17.Materia vs Sebastian aav – Southbound 05:05
18.Erra – Calais Valentine 05:19
19.KingThing – Heartgazer 05:44
20.RSD – Destress 05:56
21.Valta & Minikin – Keep Moving 05:36
22.Duncan Powell – A New Meaning For Time 04:56
23.Sentinels – Teflon Skank (Won’t Be Hurt) 05:45
24.Cigarettes – The Go-Slow no. 2 (The Setting Of The Suns) 05:41
25.Submerse – Distance Feat Rachel Coulter – (Whistla’s Hardcore Remix) 05:58
26.Littlefoot – Faceless 05:16
27.Artek – Love Remix 03:45
28.Sclist – Far Beyond 06:30
29.Price – Losing Grip 05:27
30.Sines – Far Behind 04:10
31.Ill Cosby – Midnight Madness 06:29
32.Opti – The Gap 04:54
33.Blnd! – Tokyo Downtown Girls 05:18
34.Dave Betamax – Forgive Me 05:50

Release Date: Mon 18th March

Heartbeats is a new project that has been put together by Rob ‘Submerse’ Orme, Andy Bee and Toby ‘Price’ Godwin to help raise money for those affected by the recent earthquakes in Japan. Working tirelessly to put it together so quickly, and thanks to the goodwill of all the artists involved, they have pulled together a fantastic compilation for a truly commendable cause.

Please support this project. Not only will you be donating your money to an incredibly worthy cause, but in return you will be getting a stellar compilation featuring a whole host of brilliant producers.

“Heartbeats is a music project designed to raise money for charity. The first compilation will raise money for those affected by the Japanese earthquake. Artists on the compilation include: Klaxons, RSD, Rob Sparx, Sines, Phaeleh, Submerse, Price, Donga & Blake, Erra, Blind Prophet, Sentinels, Whistla and many more. There will be over 20 exclusive tracks available for just £5 – less than 25p a track. The release will be available exclusively on Bandcamp from Friday 18th March”

Buy it now from Bandcamp