Venice Calypso - Take Your Shades Off

Ever since Venice Calypso first came on to my radar with his contribution to Senseless Records’ Synesthesia #1 project last year I have been keeping a keen eye on him. So much so in fact that we chased him up to contribute to our mix series (check that here) and invited him to join us at one of our events late last year, which he obliged in tearing up with a deep, dark and heavy set. Since then he has kept relatively quiet save for a couple of remixes and short clips surfacing, keeping himself busy working in the studio on future releases.

Last week he premiered a video for dope new track ‘Take Your Shades Off’, which he is also giving away as a free download via his soundcloud. The track in question is a sinewy acid-tinged electro production with plenty of weight behind it. While sparse, the rhythmic foundations have a precision-cut punch to them that remains solid as percussive layers shift and coalesce, leaving the track wide open for the swelling acid b-line and mutating vocal sample to cut through it. Lean, warped and rugged, you don’t often get music this good for free, so grab it while you still can. The track is forthcoming on┬áHEM:PER : Compilation / 001.

Check out the video below, and the full track which is up for download beneath…