LS04 Zine

For our last event back in January we made our first tentative steps into the physical realm by making a free fanzine for the event in an attempt to create something tangible to document it. It was all a bit of a panic but we managed to get it out there and we enjoyed it enough to persevere with doing it again. As ever, we have tried to learn from our mistakes and better our efforts.

The result of this is the free LS04 fanzine that we have written, designed, illustrated and printed which is being dropped off in select shops and cafes in London in the run up to our next event. The zine features interviews with each of the artists playing as well as a little bit about ourselves and we hope that it encourages people to check out the music and, if they like what they hear, maybe even come down to the party. Check the photos below and look out for one of the 100 copies of the zine in a shop near you. The LS004 EP will be on its way shortly too so keep your ears to the ground for that.

*LS04 goes down on Friday 20th April @ Rhythm Factory with Slimzee, Youngstar, Slackk, Pedro 123, MIK, OUZO, Richard Aki and Elsewhere. Full details of the event are here, and ltd £3 advance tickets can be bought here.

LS04 Zine 1 LS04 Zine 2 LS04 Zine 3 LS04 Zine 4 LS04 Zine 5